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Variational Autoencoder in Tensorflow – facial expression low dimensional embedding


The main motivation of this post is to use Variational Autoencoder model to embed unseen faces into the space of pre-trained single actor-centric face expressions. Two datasets are used in experiments later in this post. They are based on youtube videos passed through openface feature extraction utility:

The datasets are:

  • Donald Trump faces

    because of the recent presidential election in USA it was very easy to get videos of frontal-positioned faces of Donald Trump and use it as input dataset

  • Edward Snowden faces

    because he provided long lasting Q&A session for internauts being a good source of faces

The high level idea is to build VAE face expression model for single actor only and then embed new unseen face into VAE latent space – from where original actor with similar face expression is reconstructed. The code in python (using Google TensorFlow) is available on github

Example videos presenting results of the embeddings of my face into latent face expression space for different actors are presented below:

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